Town Hall square of Tallinn. Photo by Leanne Barbo.

This is the invitation to a flash mob during Tallinn Old Town days on Town Hall Square, that is organised by Reval Folk and Tallinn Folk Dance club! 🙂


Reval Folk and Tallinn Dance Club have a sneaky plan to startle the townsfolk with folk dances, straight in the middle of Tallinn’s Old Town on the 2nd of june at 19:00, at Town Hall Square.

The plan is to hold a flashdance, or “flashmob”, which is the surprising and sudden breakout of dancers in the middle of the audience! For that, we need a lot of dancers and musicians, who don’t, at first, catch the eye of people (the musicians must hide their instruments!), but this is what the surprise is all about!!


From 18:00-19:00 Reval Folk volunteers and folk musicians from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre as well as teachers from the Georg Ots Music School will be performing at Town Hall Square, including: Katariin Raska, Sänni Noormets, Eva Väljaots, Maimu Jõgeda, Maarja Soomre and Chris Farnaby. Read further about the concert: Reval Folk Vanalinna päevadel

NB! The dancers and musicians must be in their place among the crowd by at least 18:45 to be ready on time!

At 19:00 the concert ends on the stage and the musicians will be joined by the Tallinn Dance Club performers and their friends. All together they will start to play three tunes, all in G major:

• Kupparimuori
• 1234567
• Kolmõpuari

At the same time the dancers who will hide among the audience, will gather in front of the stage and start to dance the dances!

Some of the musicians are on the stage, and others are among the audience. The ones among the audience will be able to feel the rhythm from the loudspeakers!

The musicians who will be participating are: Katariin Raska, Sänni Noormets, Eva Väljaots, Maimu Jõgeda, Maarja Soomre, Chris Farnaby, Jaan Sarv, Maarja Sarv, Eliisabeth Laul, Mia Ruus, Imar Kutšukali, Pearu Pung, Natali Ponetajev, Susanna Mett, Kaarel Roopärg, and more.

After the flashdance the crowd will head to Tornide Väljak (Towers’ Square), to finish off the dance season!


If you coming as a dancer, please mark yourself as “going” on the Facebook event, and be there on time, 18:45!

If you will be playing, please inform Leanne Barbo ( ), so that she can give you all the details.

Spreading the information among your friends who dance and play music is more than welcome!!

See you soon!!

Reval Folk and Tallinn Dance Club.

Event is funded by Tallinna Kultuuriamet.