Reval Folk published the videos of the whole season yesterday. Here you can have a little taste of the feeling of how our year was: beauty, authentic sounds, silence inbetween them, a musical journey to the world, lots of fun, sometimes some tears of being moved, songs and instruments, a multifarious group, people young and old, a fireplace, a feeling of community, stories from close and far away, devout volunteers and supporters! There were 20 events that took place under the name of Reval Folk: 10 indoors concerts, 1 outdoors concert (on Old Town Days of Tallinn), 1 workshop in the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, 8 pop-up concerts (7 of them in cafés, 1 in an elderly home). Alltogether about 1500 people took part in our events. There were 23 musicians and 35 volunteers contributing to making it all happen. And everything will continue: from 15th-21st of July there will be an international ethno camp “Reval Etno” happening in Võrumaa. Have a beautiful summer, everyone! And see you in autumn!

Videos by: Andres Marcus Franciscus Reinart