Tuulikki Bartosik – visionary

I am a musician, a story teller and a producer, who likes to work with people and for people.
I am an initiator and a visionary. I never was afraid to make even the craziest ideas of mine real and I believe that sometimes that that kind of (sometimes even childish) courage keeps my spirit fresh and my antennas in the right direction. I support co-parenting ideas and the inclusion of children both in life and pedagogical activities. I value being in the moment and following the flow of things and enjoying them more than the result of things.
I believe that by honouring our roots, we continue our family folklore and give our children a precious feeling of belonging somewhere. A person alone can be strong, but big things are born in unity.

Kadri Allikmäe – organiser

I am a woman, a mother, a teacher, civic activist, small scale entrepreneur and a visionary.
In my vision people live in a wholesome environment, do the job they enjoy the most, cooperate in between each other and they have also time for themselves, their family and children and the neighbouring community. For me folk music and music inspired by folk music is a key to healthy society, something really special that has a magical power to bring people together – something that I feel is so much needed in nowadays world.
For me there is something healing in folk music, something that helps to get connected to simplicity and authenticity. Something that helps to be with two feet on the ground This music reminds, what is really important. My wish is that things that people would remember these things that are truly important.

Okeiko – visuals

I have drawn all my life. I also make photos and create visuals for bands, I paint wall paintings and make silk paintings. Some time ago I put my photos and my drawings together and they became one world. I wish to express a cozy feeling of inner brightness and I express it in all possible ways. Although in our everyday lives there is a lot of negative information, I have decided, that I will not artificially add more to it, not even on paper, but I create this kind of world on paper, where I would like to live in. I concentrate on the feeling of brightness and I let the physical reality
form itself according to that feeling. I wish to remind people that the mere fact that they are here is a joy!


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