Reval Folk


Reval Folk is a civic initiative that began in cooperation with NGO Reval Folk and the folk music department of the Tallinn-based Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

Our aim is to offer people in busy Tallinn the chance to reconnect with their roots through regular folk music concerts (that offer both traditional music and music inspired by traditional music) and workshops. Our second biggest aim is to inspire young people to study folk music on a professional level in the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre.

In the autumn-winter season of 2017-2018 we will organise 8 concerts at Old Town Music House in Tallinn (Uus 16c).

In the summer of 2018 we plan to organise an international folk music camp named “Reval Ethno” for children who are 8-16 years of age. Our aim is to eventually have a regular presence of folk music in the Tallinn music scene.

NGO Reval Folk was founded on 20th of September 2017 in Tallinn by a civic activist Kadri Allikmäe and a musician Tuulikki Bartosik.

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This project is supported by: The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Foundation for Civic Society, Estonian Cultural Endowment, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Tallinn city,, café “Koloniaal”,, Tallinn in Your Pocket,  Reval Café, OÜ Jajaa and Fleur Royale by Peter Boeijkens

Partners: Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, Old Town Music House, EV100, Estonian Folklore Council, Estonian Kannel Union.

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