Reval Folk asked Säde Tatar what do Estonia and home mean to her.

“For me there exists several types of homes. One is travellingIr-ritratt ta' Reval Folk. with me and is where I’m staying for a little bit longer. New contacts that become friendships. New home door, streets and paths, new smells and taste that are characteriatic only for that particular place.

Second type of home is where my childhood and family is. That one I always carry with me in my heart and I’m very grateful that I have what to carry. It consist so many things that moments on travelling foot can remind me but aren’t never exactly the same as at home in Estonia.

It’s early morning in Viljandi. And I share with you a moment of warmness and peacefulness. That is what I call Home!”




Reval Folk asked Gabbi Dluzewski about what his musical inspiration is.

You have been also interested in rock music and played it as well. How come did you become a folk musician and is there still a rock musician living in you?

Yes. When people ask me what I play, I still answer: the electricIr-ritratt ta' Reval Folk. guitar… I’m raised with rock music and the guitar – that’s my folk music. I have always been interested in every aspect of music and my brother took me to a folk festival when I was 16. At that point I got interested in it, but I didn’t really think it was something I would play. I was more interested in how to integrate it into my rock music. But while touring with my rock band Mad Artwork, I got more and more interested in actually learning how to play folk music as well so I started to study traditional Swedish music…Since then a lot of things have happened and today I’m a full time folk musician touring around the world with Fränder.



Do you sometimes still play your guitar?

Yes I do. Not very often, but I’m still pretty good.


Who are your greatest inspirers in rock music that have touched your heart and are still influencing you?

All the greatest albums inspire me, no matter what the genre is. And since I’m raised with rock music, that is what I’ve heard the most. So when I’m playing and composing, that is still a big inspiration for me.



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